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4 definitions by Joe Daddy


An easy to use acronymn when dealing with moronic incompetents in the online world.

Use when not particularly interrested in thinking up a some new glib whitticism.
00:21:17 <jhboy> I like to wank little boys.
00:21:23 * jhboy was kicked by JoeDaddy (GTFO)
by Joe Daddy February 09, 2004
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A radio, boom box, music maker, cd player
yo turn up dat ghetto blasta sucka
by Joe Daddy July 17, 2004
28 5
1. A homosexual man.

2. An asshole with the intelligence of a monkey.

3. A homosexual man with the intelligence of a monkey being an asshole.

4. A total fucking idiot (see fucktard)

5. Actual monkey in someone's ass.
"What a barrel of fucking assmonkeys."
by Joe Daddy October 04, 2002
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Jou Ma Se Poes.

An Afrikaans (South African) acronymn for a sequence of words enunciating bare and blatant disregard for the sexual organs of another person's mother.

An insult of note !
WTF are you on about ? JMSP dickhead !
by Joe Daddy February 01, 2004
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