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Acronym for "Let's Get This Shit Started."

Noted for being poorly understood despite pervading /sp/.
Anon1: "lolwut"
#ygsiu #tfw #mfw #4chan #wat
by Joe Jobroni November 29, 2012
Japanese real estate listing lingo for a western-style unit with three multipurpose rooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. The "LDK" part of the unit does not mean these are all separate rooms, but instead simply means the general purpose area of the unit is larger than a "DK" or a "K".

Also the title of a dating sim.
This place sure is spacious. That's a 3LDK for you.
#2ldk #1r #1k #2k #2dk
by Joe Jobroni April 12, 2013
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