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The portion of a TV show directly following a commercial break that recaps what went on during the previous segment
Rachel Ray spends 10 of her 30 minutes doing a postmercial recap of her recipe!

With all the hours of Survivor recorded, why do they spend two minutes after every commercial break on postmercials instead of the contestants?
by Jody M August 29, 2007
Right before a TV show goes to commercial,
1a. the short "teaser" that attempts to entice you to continue to watch the show, or b. recaps what went on during that portion of the show
2. Needless filler for shows lacking content (see also: postmercial)
What's the point of watching Survivor anymore? The premercial already showed us who will win!

The premercial shows two contestants getting into a catfight! I can't wait for the next segment!

Why does Iron Chef America always have a 5-minute premercial recapping what just happened? Do they think we already forgot what happened 10 minutes ago?
by Jody M August 29, 2007
Bite, chomp, eat, chew, or otherwise consume with gusto
If you're looking for something to chomple, see the recommendations at chomple.com!
by Jody M January 30, 2009
"What the hee-haw??"

Used in place of wtf as a fresh alternative to a tired acronym, or when you don't want to use the f-word. Might be considered a little "Country".
I can't believe they discontinued Dora the Explorer! WTHH??
OMG WTHH BBQ?!??!??!?
WTHH is up with that?
Dude, Dani, WTHH are you on?
by Jody M March 13, 2008
The familial or friend relationship that occurs when your friends and family add your significant other, whom they don't really know, to their Facebook friends list just because you two are together.
My boyfriend is now my cousin's Facebook in-law since she added him to her Facebook friends list!
by Jody M May 14, 2010
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