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a discusting vagina, and also a mental person who doesnt have a clue in life
that girls a flangee!
ive been sunbathing and i burnt i flangee, now it looks like a slice of watermelon
by Jodsterr May 18, 2008
when someone is in the bath with bubbles all over them looking sexy.

when someone is chewing gum and blowing bubbles
coaarrrrrrrrr look at him, hes bubbalicious

ooo bubbalicous;)
by Jodsterr May 18, 2008
a person that likes to do silly things, e.g talk to themself, walk with their feet inwards and having a weeing problem.
"OMG what a FLANGE!"

"She's sucha flange"
by Jodsterr April 19, 2008

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