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(1)A situation or story that someone shares that obviously DID NOT happen,or(2) How someone takes something you've done or experienced it,and take it over the top(to try to outdo or make another jealous).
(1)When someone claims to be the child of someone very rich,and has a fabulous life..but spends their entire day<everyday..all day> in a chatroom.

(2)Her:"My dad got to shake President Obama's hand."

Her2:"That's nothing. My great,great<you get the idea>grandfather got to cross the Delaware with George Washington."

Her:"Bitch,you know that DID NOT happen. I see you're channeling another of your fucking uncidents again,lying ass!"
by JocularC62 August 21, 2010
To get the truth or importance out of someone's story. To grasp the point of a story.
Me:"I have this friend,and she is in world of trouble. She needs to borrow $300 to pay her rent,and I don't know how to help her"

You:"So you need money to pay YOUR rent?"

Me:"Wow,how did you know?"

You:":eyeroll:PICKING THE SENSE OUT OF THE NONSENSE is what I do,dumbass"
by JocularC62 August 29, 2010

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