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Someone who compulsively checks his mails every few minutes.
Tom is a real mailaholic. Even during meals he checks his mails.
by JochenEnglish February 27, 2009
memorize something again

portmanteau from 're' (= again, like in retell, remix, resell) and 'memorize'
Homework for tomorrow: Remorize Shakespeare's sonnet 18.

I used to know the first two stanzas of Poe's "The Raven" by heart, but I'm afraid I have to remorize them.
by JochenEnglish March 12, 2009
The translation of a word, that is displayed when you hover with your mouse over the word.
Because of all the hoverlations you needn't look up those words in your dictionary.
by JochenEnglish November 27, 2011
a typing competition
Next week we'll have a typetition. The winner will get a prize.
by JochenEnglish March 20, 2009

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