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the gayest videogame makers of all time. Not only do they make horrible sports titles they buy out the competition. Wow,money does make the world go around after all. John Madden can suck my balls!
"EA Sports its in the lame"
by Jobie Trice April 01, 2005
founded by "Game" from GUNIT, where as a corporation its duty is to see the advancement of the hip-hop community via clothing companies, record labels, and even real estate. Bloods and Crips can come together and help each other out.
"Yo homie, I gotta go spit some verses, buy some gear, and get a house from black wallstreet."
by Jobie Trice February 16, 2005
da sound your change make in your pocket or to win a jackpot or to have a bunch of pennies
Jackpot! Man you got chingaling now
by Jobie Trice February 14, 2005
probably the coolest name for a person ever and it can be used for good and bad. Just say it a couple times in your head and you'll f-ing laugh for at least 7 hours straight or can be used for perves named Steven who like to lick butthole.
"You and I are the biggest Butthole Stevens I have ever seen"
by Jobie Trice February 14, 2005
A rap group including Kanye West, GLC, Consequence & Really Doe. A group from the CHI. Where Kanye got his start. "Uh Oh" is one of their songs. VERY BANGIN!!! kanyetothe...beat, THE ROC IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!!
The Go Getters have that song "uh oh" which is pretty bomb ass CORE!!!
#kanye #glc #consequence #really doe #core
by Jobie Trice December 01, 2005
A rapper coming up from the CHI with Kanye West & The Go Getters. Being featured on Kanye's newest album Late Registration, on a song called "We Major" featuring Nas. A very good azzz song!!!
"in the studio with Really Doe, yeah he next up"
-Kanye West "Diamonds"
#kanye west #chi #we major #nas #late registration
by Jobie Trice December 01, 2005
Bitch ass skeez that will do anything for money and you can toss money at her naked ass.
"It must be her ass, cause it ain't her face, I need a tip trill"
by Jobie Trice February 14, 2005
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