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What the fuck do they want? Do they want a face, or a body? Personality, or looks? Nice men, or bad boys? I am so confused, it's not even funny!
You see those girls? They're looking at me but I don't know if they are laughing at me or saying I'm cute, or just smiling at me to be nice because I'm smiling at them. These mixed signals suck!
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
Awesome progressive rock group that was a mix of the WAY TOO over-popularized Beatles and very trippy Pink Floyd. Unlike the Beatles, APP is very relaxed and are less happy and have a cooler much less annoying sound to their music. The only similarity would be the vocal sound. They are much like Pink Floyd in their tune and mellowness. They are more in touch with the world than the too-happy Beatles were.
It's a shame that the Alan Parsons Project isn't as popular as the Beatles. They are way better and less annoying.
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
What defines it? It's so confusing.
Am I attractive? Girls have told me I'm really cute, but others go "ew."
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
1) A nipple that has been either transplanted or naturally placed on the penis. This nipple cannot lactate milk seeing as the penis has no mammory gland, and can come in any color and shape and may appear to be a birth mark. I have never seen one, personally.

2) A word compound that can be said to a person to make him or her stop talking when they are annoying or are irritating a person with what they are saying. It usually works effectively.
1) My boyfriend has a penis nipple. It's so cute!

2) "You know that girl I've been talking to? I'm going out with her tomorrow. Hey. Speaking of girlfriends, when are you gonna get one? Are you gay? I've never even seen you talk to a girl very much. I'm really conc-" "Penis nipple." "................."
by JobesJeebs May 28, 2008
Exactly what David Archuleta looks like.
Hey. Is that a... man, or a... or a penguin monkey???
by JobesJeebs May 27, 2008
Formal name for the hole that men insert their erect penises into in order to reproduce and/or most often for pleasure. In other words, it's the hole that men like to fuck and make babies in.
I want to have sex in your vaginal orifice, babe. What can I say?
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
The reason for all the pain and suffering I endure and also why I want to punch a hole in the Universe. And it is hopefully not real for those reasons.
Two diseases in life that won't die out but just keep spreading: AIDS and God
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008

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