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6 definitions by JoRokHed

Any day that is not your birthday, signifying that each day we are closer to death.
"Happy Deathday to you,
One day closer to
The day that you die,
and your life is through!"
by JoRokHed October 24, 2011
That which is worthy of illiciting the spooge response in the genitoid region.
I have been so hard-up for female companionship lately, it's a good thing my Lara Croft action figure is so incredibly spooge-worthy!
by JoRokHed October 07, 2011
Intentionally eliciting emotional responses by either asking (ie:"What are your pet peeves?") or expressing a controversial opinion (ie:"
My heart goes out to all the victims in dear old Boston. MUSLIM=TERRORIST.") in order to find people to text with you.
He enjoys chumming the internet with his extreme opinions so he can practice arguing with people on-line.
by JoRokHed April 16, 2013
Generical term for "sex parts"
I'm not picky! I'm looking for random genitoid contact!
by JoRokHed October 07, 2011
Someone who, conciously or not, plays dumb around guys they are attracted to.
She was a straight-A student, but she always acts so menarded around her boyfriend.
by JoRokHed October 24, 2011
Superlative term for something women find so sexy they think of it when they masterbate.
She loves that movie because the star is so fapulous!
by JoRokHed October 06, 2011