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4 definitions by JoNicks

A birth mark that strongly resembles an erect penis found on someone's neck.
Kennedy: Hey... is that a penis on your neck?
Nixon: No, it's just a birthmark.
McKinley: Looks like a classic case of Penis Neck.
by JoNicks May 06, 2009
The act of taking an ice cream cone full of gross vanilla ice cream and pretending as if it were a grenade and purposely throwing it at someone. Term originates from "fragging out"
Stranger: "Did you just throw your ice cream at me?"
Perpetrator: "Uhh, kinda, I was really just flogging out"
by JoNicks May 06, 2009
A love maker is a person who can't bang anybody, but instead can only make love. Usually women are love-makers, but a male can play the part. For love makers, sex is fun, but a one-night stand is out of the question. They prefer to talk about their feelings and need the "mood" to be set. Sex can't be meaningless, it has to have emotion for them.
Adam: "So Ben left the party with Emily last night, but he wouldn't have sex with her cause he didn't want to have a one night stand and be 'that kind of guy'"
Ben: "Why won't he just have sex and stop being a love maker?"
by JoNicks May 10, 2009
The oldest living thing ever.... at college. This is the person who came to college years before any other of his current classmates, and has seen over a generation of students graduate before him. He is more likely to get a prescription to Viagra before he gets a diploma Diploma. However, in his old and experienced age, their infinite wisdom and knowledge of the social dynamics of the collegiate atmosphere are invaluable.
Person 1: Who invited that 60 year old to the party?
Person 2: Relax dude, that's Father Time! He's the life of this party and can drink more than anyone!
Person 1: Well shit, I hope he doesn't steal any of our chicks!
Person 2: Yea right, he's old!
by JoNicks July 19, 2010