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"Look at those SHOES! How tragic!"
by Jo July 30, 2003
girl of an indian nature with thick black, greasy oiled hair normally in two french plaits. She wears thick rimmed glasses and you will normally find one hanging round the local gol gupay shop in west punjab or julander. Her actions : sniffing her finger and shouting out "MAHAAA!"
"ewwwww what the hell is that?! Oh, its just a simkaka!"
by jo April 25, 2005
Chicken Nugget, a fat person, usually a girl of the sweaty type.

Often shorterned to 'Nug'.
Thats one hardcore nug.
by Jo November 02, 2004
N- An erect penis covered in shit, usually due to being inserted within an anus.
He fucked me so hard up my bum, and then pulled out a ripe banana. I guess I should've told him I had to shit.
by Jo June 22, 2003
jo's version of totally (see totally)
NO WAY!TOETALLY! hah u believe i talk like that u moron
by jo March 25, 2005
a kid who is incredibly stupid and lets kids make fun of him and doesnt defend himself when being made fun of; a stupid ass if you will.
Wow, look at that austin.
Austin sure is a dumbass.
by jo October 06, 2004
The first raver-stage. Usually Those kids with the big pants (self-made or modified) and bright "fun" colorful clothing. Also wearing self-made pony-bead bracelets (a.k.a. kandee) that they wear as a badge symbolizing how many other ravers or party-kids they've met. Or it symbolizes how amazingly "old skool" they are, having been a raver for, like, 3 months now! Like wow!

If they're online they can be identified by their use of the word PLUR and their typing style.
"Wow, there were a lot of e-tards at that party. Did you see how many of them were Kandee Kids?"

online: "wOw, LiKe OmG! dId YoU sEe ThAt RaD hApPyHaRdCoRe Dj LaSt NiGhT aT tHaT dOpE-aSs RaVe?! *RoFl* *rOfL* *LmAo*"
by Jo January 05, 2004

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