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a tweener is a lesbian that does not look like a male but both feminine and masculine...
a tomboy style with makeup.
by jo March 13, 2004
A great musician, often criticized by poor cocksuckers that don't know just how ignorant and unintelligent they are, and probably never will.
Kurt Cobain was a talented creature.
by Jo June 25, 2003
a phrase for "cool" or "nice". also used to describe snow conditions.
"yo im fuckin mike's girl, man"

"thats mashed taters!"
by jo February 05, 2003
Switch Stance KickFlip BackSide NoseBlunt Slide
throwin down some sskfbsnbs
by jo July 15, 2004
What the Wallace.

Named after a certain Gay rigts activist.
What the wallace was that?
by Jo March 04, 2005
When a person has alot of money
"Dame he got cheese"
by jo March 21, 2005
smallest pecker in the world
you have a lenko
by jo February 23, 2003

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