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2 definitions by Jmrbonzo

While driving a rod to a hot chick from behind, you slide a Zorro mask on and pull out just before you shoot a load and lay a steaming hot load on the chicks back in the form of a Z.
Last night I gave Gina a Steaming Zorro and then stuck her in the eye with my (still hard) sword.
by Jmrbonzo March 26, 2009
5 4
You lure a hot chick to participate in a new magic trick. You place a red blanket over the hottie and only expose her toes (after you take his shoes and socks off due to a foot fetish)

You then magically make the hottie levitate while ramming your thumb up her ass. The chick may scream “oh my ass or Lance Burton’s thumb is in my ass” and you must laugh this off while showing off two perfect replicas of your hands (which are wired to your suit) which proves you cannot have your thumb up the chicks ass
I gave that bitch a Lance Burton in front of her parents at thier Christmas Eve party
by Jmrbonzo March 25, 2009
4 9