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A person with the ability to discern the nature of what ails you or yours over the telephone while hosting a radio talk show.

Derived from telepathic ( communication from one person to another by the means other than the obvious five senses the rest of us use ) and Diagnostic ( investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem )
Man those tappet brothers knew exactly what to tell my mechanic and my wife about the three Chevy El Caminos sitting in the front yard. I think they saved my marriage and my cars!
by Jmonkey July 20, 2005
An area in a home or building usually near a couch or chair where people tend to fart just as they pass by. Gassing-lanes are more common in homes where lentils, onions, beans or deviled eggs make up a large portion of the diet.
I didn't realize I was in the gassing-lane until three people farted just as they passed by my face.
by jmonkey August 10, 2005
Noun. Refers to a pathological condition where one sits all day at the computer coining new terms for Urban Dictionary.

Formed from the words pathological and neologism.
James doesn't get out much any more and just spends all his time making up silly words. I think he is suffering from pathologism.
by jmonkey August 10, 2005
1)An unfortunate condition resulting from excessive piety that causes the afflicted to believe their way is the only way, and that God is on their side. This condition is not limited to any particular faith.
Intentionally flying big planes into big buildings to kill lots of people.

Telling people AIDS is God's way of punishing Gays.
by Jmonkey July 03, 2005
A slang phrase indicating that your presence is not welcome and that you should most definitely keep moving. Related to the phrase "F#@ you and the horse you road in on"
The best thing for you to do is just ride on.
by Jmonkey July 25, 2005
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