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2 definitions by Jlefty5

Pretty much a cock smack to a whole new level. Put a ring or a piece of metal on the dicktip. Hit a chick across the face with it. The Vicelroy is almost like using brass knuckles but using it as a brass dick. If Vicelroy can't be completed to perfection, just cock smack the bitch. Its close enough
The Vicelroy, when performed properly, will make a chick bleed.
by Jlefty5 January 16, 2009
The act of riding on a skeet board, ripstik, or wave board. Sport created by Perry Pizzolo, Justin Lefkowitz, and several others.

Often confused with jerking off or masterbating.
Skeeting should become an Olympic or Xgame sport.

I skeet all the time.
by Jlefty5 January 16, 2009