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A lazy student's best guide to getting out of wasting 5 hours a night to read some lame ass book.Pretty much the act of reading a book summary.
Matthew:Oh shit! I forgot to read my book for English class!
Me:Spark Notes that shit in second period yo.
by JizzyJan December 07, 2009
1.An ignorant and/or arrogant douche bag

2.A term that homophobic teens use to describe gay people, or people acting homosexual
Ex. 1:While I was about to make a left turn, the light was turning yellow, but traffic kept on coming,the light turns red, and i thought it was my turn to go, but then some guy in a Hummer runs the fucking light and i cant make my turn. All I could think was"Fag."

Ex. 2:

by JizzyJan November 06, 2009

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