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A poser. Someone who goes to a "jamband" show yet doesn't know anything about the band, goes to the show because its deemed cool, has subwoofers that play 50 Cent all day in their SUV, wears the stereotypical hippy clothing, and makes fun of people who talk about 'positive vibes' and 'positive energy.' This describes, in essence, 95% of all Widespread Panic fans and also would be appropriate terminology for 80% of the crowds at Phish shows from 1999 and on.
"Dude, what is Todd doing at this Phish show? That jackass wears polo shirts with flipped up collars and yet today he has flip flops on with patchwork pants and a retro Dead shirt on from 77! Todd wouldn't know good music if it bit him on the ass. What a custie!"
by Jive Turkey April 11, 2005
THE hat worn by little chavs all over the UK (well, in Leeds at least). The tn stands for "toal nobjock". They were the hats at 90 degrees so they DO look like nobjocks
God I hate those nobjocks with the crappy tn hats on.
by Jive Turkey March 23, 2005
Infuego.....simply infuego. Not from this earth....Brilliant.
by Jive Turkey October 15, 2003
Used by "chavs" or scals, charvers, mush's, or, what i call them, NOBJOCKS. They normally use it when they're looking for a fight.
What eh? You wantin a fight?
by Jive Turkey March 23, 2005
1) A trigga happy nigga. 2) One whose love for the ultra-violence and guns take him to a new level of slug-spray.
The op woulda went well if it weren't for fuckin Triggy Bangs over here. He shot a kid and two priests, then bust a cap in some janky ass bitch that was postin' up like it was a fuckin movie show.
by Jive Turkey October 12, 2004
A level of gayness so high that it must be striven for, not simply be happened upon. In fact, should you achieve this level of homosexuality, even full blown gays will be apalled at your display.
Richard simmons is gee.
Ohio State University is gee
Canada is gee.

understanding the trend here?
by Jive Turkey April 19, 2005

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