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Aka Juggaho
1-One of the most forms of life ever.

2-someone who thinks bing a juggalo is a new trend and tries to be one.

3-someone who goes out and buys physcopathic record CD's one night and talks about them like they are life the next.

4-Someone who goes says Juggalos are th best, when the real juggalos leave they talk smack.
1-Juggalo says to Juffalo “Yeah you are pretty much as low as it gets..”

2-Juffalo- I saw Megan, Abbi, and Alannah singing spin the bottle yesterday, they told me it was ICP and Twiztid. Last night I downloaded their songs. Aha I love Them so much!"

3- Juggalo singing. 'Now I walk with an axe, Dressed in all jet black with contacts!"
Juffalo 'OMGZZ I know this song. I heard it last night!"
Juggalo "Yeah when you bought all those CD's" juggalo walks away. "fucking juffalo."

4- Juffalo "Yeah I think being a Juggalo is really fun."
Juggalo."Yeah striaght up ninja." Juggalo leaves.
"Ew. being a juggalo is filth." *Gets a hatchet thrown at their face*
by Jinx_Juggalette March 16, 2008

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