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When you've suddenly developed feelings for someone you've known all these years, usually out of the blue, and unwanted.

Because sometimes, the one who you are truly meant for has been there all along.
It was weird, I've been to school with him since elementary, but only now do I have the hots for him. Love at 26th sight, no?
by Jinx (name already used) January 31, 2011
What normal, rational girls don't want to hear.
After band class, some random kid told me "When I masturbate I think of you."
by Jinx (Name already Used) December 24, 2010
The power that you and me have. Not many hold it. It's so easy to create, to possess, but for some reason, few do.
Don't worry, Alex, we've got the Fate of Friendship. Zombies are just a small annoyance.
by Jinx (Name already used) December 23, 2010
An acronym for Up Your Arsenal, the third game in the Ratchet and Clank series.

Forget the amazing campaign, what I remember best about it is the addicting online gameplay. If you have a headset, better known as a mic, the expirence just gets better. You can just chat with people as you lag jump across Bakisi Isles with the flag, or you can actually strategize and actually beat the opposing team. There really are some good people on that game. Unfortunately, UYA is six years old, so the ammount of players is very few. 50, if we're lucky.

If you are a kid (considered a kid under 14 to the older players) and your skill is not up to par you will get treated like crap. (I got my fair share of insults.)

Some players of this game include, but are not limited to:

Raspberry Red
ChiVaS JoKeR
Flandre Scarlet
Coca cola

These are the ones I remember best, for very different reasons.

Back when I played UYA I would sit in front of the televison for six hours, or sometimes even twelve hours, straight. My grades dropped a bit and I hallucinated Blargs and Troopers at school, but it was all worth it.
by Jinx (name already used) December 16, 2010
When nothing, not even death, broken bones, drained lungs, a 42-story high fall, bullets, or especially the word "no" can stop you from achieving your goal.
At school, I approached the guy with such unstasity that we immediatly became a couple.
by Jinx (name already used) January 30, 2011
Socks worn by insecure comformists who claim they are "more comfortable," but what's more comfortable about ferocious blades of grass scratching your fully-exposed ankles?
When the schools have Physical Education, look around. See no show socks in their wild habitat.
by Jinx (Name already used) May 24, 2011

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