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2 definitions by Jimmytree

The act of being so clueless after smoking Hash or Hashish that you are either walking in a daze, usually looking at the ground or sky. Or Rubbing your legs/arms for no reason, moving in a seemingly jerky motions, the possibility of a laugh attack while in a "Hash Zombie" state are high, as well of deep conversations that will unlock the secrets of your mind.
"Dude, we were Hash Zombies last night"

"Yeah i know, we talked about the universe for at least an hour. I understood is all so well, also my arms are sore from rubbing my legs for so long."
by Jimmytree October 24, 2011
A skin condition on the hands/fingers, usually looks like rough skin, or possibly even hundreds of tiny warts. Common in people with sweaty palms. Not contagious or problematic.
"Holy crap did you see all of mikes Vortues?"
"Yeah they're getting pretty bad"
by Jimmytree October 27, 2011