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A two-sided man suit constructed for the purpose of sexual intercourse with two partners at once. Created as a response to the growing popularity of "fur suits", the Pleasure Town Machine represents both irony and functionality in the sexual fetish world. Not only can the wearer insert his penis through the front of the costume, the reverse side has a prosthetic phallus for said dual intercourse.
"Did you see that dude in the man-suit, he's totally spoiling our party, even though he can get it on from both sides. It must be the fabled Pleasure Town Machine."

-Woman in fur suit, oveheard at a furry convention.

by Jimmydeath October 28, 2008
Makeup usually worn by a gay or effeminate male/members of pop punk/emo bands.
"Was that Pete Wentz or Davey Havok? I couldn't tell because all the gayke-up."
by Jimmydeath October 27, 2008
To forward an innocuous or otherwise irrelevant email (restaurant and furniture store coupons/offers) or photograph to a targeted individual for the purposes of annoyance and agitation to the victimized recipient, and satisfactory accomplishment to the sender.
Recipient: "*Sender* keeps forwarding me restaurant coupons from his inbox."

Sender: "Buca'd"
by Jimmydeath August 30, 2008
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