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A very, very drunk man.
Watch out, this bloke is Hanging Dr. Roberts and here comes his mate Mickey Mauled.
by Jimmybay May 31, 2003
1.The part of a reefer that can't be smoked in a single sitting due to white patching.
2.What a junior bifter smoker may leave in the ashtray to smoke at a later moment.
"Hey look, Sage the junior bifter smoker is white patching, and has left a decent sized chipie bifter in the ashtray for us to enjoy".
by Jimmybay June 13, 2003
The length of a penis minus the bellend.
Colin Wilkinson of Plymouth is a knobshank.
by Jimmybay May 31, 2003
An imbecillic, balding, overweight British Police Officer.
"Hey look at that lazy Copper, sitting in his police car, smoking fags, letching at those single mums and playing with his mal-formed stumpy piece"
"Oh yeah, looks like Ratty to me"
by jimmybay August 26, 2005

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