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A time when a once bold northern nation helped black Americans escape persecution during the Civil War. Thought to have sparked the legend of Aunt Jemima's arrival on The Underground Syrupstream.
Man, isn't it funny how people forget that Canada's History is a big part of America's History?
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
n. the act of draining your red, white, and balls on an unsuspecting neighbour and then blaming it on Alaska.
When I'm done with those ignorant fucks, they'll remember Canada's History.
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
An asshole that's hard to crack. Also known as "The Great Tight North."
I couldn't believe how hard it was to get into Canada's History. But once I was in, I was engrossed!
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
Something erased from your mind by whiskey and marijuana to make room for the oft underappreciated genius of the writers of "The Colbert Report." For entries on ENABLER, see Barry Julien.
-Where's Canada?
-Canada's History, man.
-I know, but did you see Colbert last night?
-I don't know, man.
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
Diplomatically boning someone with a pair of moose antlers after threatening them with a bottle of maple syrup you've smashed on the bar. Sometimes called "The Stanley Fuck."
That was the best Rorschach asshole splatter I've ever seen! That guy knows his Canada's History.
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
A furry, buck-toothed rag you could wring for eternity and never squelch a drop of blood or semen. Formerly called "The Beaver." Flag modelled after the quintessential Canadian still life, "Politely Railing a Virgin From a Safe Distance!" See also, The Juices of My Labour.
When you throw Canada's History against the wall, you're lucky if you get hit with a lawsuit!
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
A large, forgotten, and agreeable hole that continually pretends to dislike being fucked by Stephen Colbert. Prefers the Oxford comma.
-Hey, you remember when Colbert talked about Canada's History? Wasn't that terrible?

-(collectively) Yeah, yeah, that was terrible...

(in the background) Yeah, I really disliked that...
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010

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