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Short term for Hungry Jacks (The Australian version of Burger King)
Billy: Ahh man I'm hungry for a burger, wanna go get some HJ's?

Tommo: Hell yeah
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
A mixture of the words "Homo" and "Hobo", meaning a homosexual homeless person.
Johnny: Man, did you see that guy over there, offering to suck cocks for some change?

Billy: Yeah man, I think he was a hombo
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
A ho who bangs bros
Jessica is such a broho
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
One of the lowest forms of a "comeback" in response to an insult. Spoken with emphasis on the "YOU".

Can be funny when used incorrectly.
Bully: You're fat
Nerd: You are!

Bully: You're gay
Nerd: You are!

Bully: You're stupid
Nerd: You are!

Bully: I banged your sister last night
Nerd: You are!
Bully: Wait, what?
by Jimmy Man June 06, 2011
Another word for Commando. To describe the act of not wearing any underwear under your pants.
Are you brave enough to go Braveass?
by Jimmy Man July 26, 2011

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