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Similar to a Maccas run, but with KFC instead.

It is the act of leaving your couch and going to KFC to get some food. Usually done in pairs/or group during the night.
Johnno: Hey bro, I'm hungry. You up for a Kafer run?

Robbo: Aight bro, lets go
by Jimmy Man January 04, 2011
Another word for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
1. I'm starving. I'm gonna go get some Kafer.

2. Ahh shit, that Kafer almost gave me a heart attack
by Jimmy Man January 04, 2011
The act of staying up all night and morning, up until dawn whilst playing a Call of Duty game.
Johnny: Hey bro, got anything planned for tonight?

Bobby: Yeah bro, I'm gonna cod till dawn bro
by Jimmy Man February 04, 2011
The first years of High School in Australia who think they are cool just because they are in high school, when in fact they are just annoying little kiddies who annoy the older students.
*A bunch of year 7s run past a group of year 10s whilst playing "tag"*
Year 10 dude: Fucken year 7s
by Jimmy Man June 06, 2011
Cup of Tea. One of the best drinks ever. Better than coffee.

It is also very addicting.
*Freddy eats cookie*
Freddy: Mmm Cookie. I'm gonna wash this down with a good ol Cuppa Tea!

*Jeffrey is outside in the cold*
Jeffrey: As soon as I get home I'm gonna make a nice hot Cuppa Tea!

Jimmy: Be right back man, gonna go get a Cuppa Tea!

Johnny: What's that, like your 10th cup for today?

Jimmy: Nah man, I'm on my 22nd cup

Johnny: Wow

Jimmy: Giddy up!
by Jimmy Man June 06, 2011
A cool way of saying Hamburgers
"I'm so hungry! I'm gonna head down to HJ's and get me some hamburgies!"

"I love me some hamburgies"

"Oi woman! Hurry up and make my hamburgies!"
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
Another word for iTunes
Robbie: Hey man lets crank up some beats
Johnny: Yeah bro
*Robbie opens iTunes and plays some music*
Robbie: Whatchu talkin bout son?
Johnny: BRO why you using gayTunes? Are you fuckin gaybro?
Robbie: No bro. iTunes is the shit
Johnny: No dude. Windows Media Player is where it's at. Fuck your gayTunes m4a shit
*Johnny opens Windows Media Player and plays some music*
Johnny: That's more like it :D
Robbie: :O
by Jimmy Man April 26, 2011

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