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a 'homo' 'hobo', or a gay homeless person.
The police dropped that hombo off in another town, but he seems to have walked back to hang out next to our garden and be creepy.
by sara stanley October 13, 2003
1. A hobo who also partakes in and enjoys sexual intercourse with a member of the same sex. A hobo who is homosexual.

2. Mainly used as a cutdown to replace the more commonly used words such as faggot, gay, and dickcowboy.
1. That hombo over there has a sign that reads 'wil suk 4 beer'.

2. Steven: Why do you touch so much weener?
Chris: Why are you a fucking hombo?!
Steven: Just because I have a scraggly beard doesnt mean I'm gay!
by coopsta f'sho September 02, 2007
A homossexual hobo.
John is a Hombo.
by Smee O. McShmee March 13, 2003
A gay hobo. Pronouced home-bow.
Mike: I saw two homeless guys sitting on a park bench, totally making out.

Rich: Yeah, they're hombos.
by SgtHooch504 October 28, 2009
A mixture of the words "Homo" and "Hobo", meaning a homosexual homeless person.
Johnny: Man, did you see that guy over there, offering to suck cocks for some change?

Billy: Yeah man, I think he was a hombo
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
a homeless homo-sexual
that guy on the street is a hombo
by jake canillas January 07, 2006
a gay hobo
There sure are lots of dick drawings in these tunnels. Hombos must be living here.
by Awesemo Adam September 02, 2011
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