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1. an infamous train conductor who pushed the limits of speed and rounded a bend only to ram another train head-on
2. one who drives erratically
3. a famous Grateful Dead song
Did you see Casey Jones there barrelling down the road in that borracho helmet?
by JimbAround June 23, 2005
A cowboy hat, as worn by a drunk (borracho) driver. A term coined by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) because a majority of all traffic stops of men wearing cowboy hats results in a DUI arrest.
aka. cowboy hat, stetson
"Did you see that guy weaving all over the road...? He was wearing a borracho helmet." said Darren.
"If you want to prevent getting pulled over too, you should take off your borracho helmet", I replied.
"I will only take off my borracho helmet after you take off your borracho helmet," he mumbled.
by JimbAround June 23, 2005
A tiny little lady (or man I reckon) that you can grab ahold of and make like a mannequin whilst frigging.
'Golly, that cock puppet sure would be nice to animate,' said Justin.
by JimbAround January 31, 2004
A mystery as old as the pyramids. First heard on Fling.com. Proposed by the "UBER HOT" babes asking to chat only to give you a link to another website where you have to enter in your credit card number. A Phishing lure.
sexyolive930: hmmmm...wanna experience my egyptian BJ and im gonna demonstrate to u bhabe
booms: WTF is that? that is the 2nd time that has been proposed to me tonight
sexyolive930: can my my friend veronica join me coz shes so freaking horny too..
booms: ummmm, you going to drive over and show me who's boss?
by jimbaround December 15, 2007
One who provides resources above and beyond the resources available.
"My code (javascript) is going to 'save' this company." --Kelly, aka corporate savior
by Jimbaround July 10, 2008
1. spanish for speed bump
2. Titties, can be small or big

esp. causing a slow down in driving speed or, due to late reaction, a car crash.
Hey, Casey Jones, did you see those topes?
by JimbAround June 23, 2005
A close group of friends. Inseparable.
After knowing the guys in Guano for some time now, it was great when Jack told me, "you know you are now Guano core." Being core is tight.
by Jimbaround February 03, 2005

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