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A specific version of the DP25, a Captain Jack Morgan is a drink consisting of a shot of Captain Morgan, a shot of Jack Daniels, and some Dr. Pepper. It combines the tasty palate of these three drinks to produce one of the most delicious drinks available, and gets you plenty crunk.
Last night they had Jack Daniels and C-Mo at the party, so I had some Captain Jack Morgans. Shit was SO cash.
by JimSteele March 25, 2008
Short for Dr. Pepper 25, this is a mixed hard drink consisting of a shot of rum, a shot of whiskey, and some Dr. Pepper. The name comes from the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper, plus the 2 different shots. It originated at Arizona State University. Also see Captain Jack Morgan.
Two fuckin' DP25s down here chief!
Holy shit that is good.
by JimSteele March 25, 2008
This mixed drink's moniker comes from the three ingredients used to make it: Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, and Dr. Pepper. Originally created at Arizona State University, it later spread around the western United States. It is also known as the Captain Jack Morgan.
If I don't get a fuckin' Jack Morgan MD soon this party is going to be anime.
by JimSteele August 30, 2008

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