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Backwards thinking. Backwoods people from the movie "Deliverance". Lower Class
When Paul asked me to squeal like a pig I found it so Scotty Hollow.
by Jim T May 23, 2003
sport created by and played by the gods
immitated by laymen such as us
"i wish i was good enough to play paintball."
by Jim T January 05, 2004
One who proceeds to wash the man ball in their moulth. uses much tongue and enjoys it thrurrowly
"Mike Roper i a bigtime Ballwasher."
"Yeah,i know he slobbed my nob a while ago."
"Sucks at paintball too."
by Jim T January 06, 2004
1) A delectible treat

2) a slayer

3) a white person

4) a term black people use for white people, prompting us to use other words
Boy : "Yo Cracker i love to eat me them crackers."
Jellybean : "Tru dat jigga"
by Jim T January 06, 2004

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