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A growing substance found mostly on the head. Hair is largely amino acid based and can come in a veriety of colours e.g. brown, ginger, black or blonde.
Tomorrow I will comb my hair
by Jim Hodgson April 28, 2003
Registered charity D.O.L.L.Y.W.H.A.C.K.E.R.
...Which stands for...

"The European Collective for the action against dislexic discrimination."
"Dolywhacker is not just a job for me, It's a way of life."
by Jim Hodgson October 03, 2003
A cup, usually made from porcelain is a drinking recepticle, usually used for hot drinks such as tea or coffee because unlike glass it does not break when heated by hot liquids.
I'd love a cup of tea, governor
by Jim Hodgson April 28, 2003
What happens sometimes at Christmas time. One see's a nut, and one fucks it...although I wouldnt..
!I could screw some nutella, dear!
by Jim Hodgson October 03, 2003
Revenge for not phoning your ngirlfriend enough or buying her presents or lunch or fucking cinema tickets or what the fuck she wants...usually conducted during sessions of oral sex.
"Oh you cant expect me to do that, I'm not licking that. PERIOD."
by Jim Hodgson October 03, 2003
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