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2 definitions by Jim Beans

Red, swollen eyes in which the blood vessels have burst after vomitting wretchedly from the consumption of too much 68% Absinthe. This happened to me 3 weeks ago and my eyes still look like they've been beaten with a stick.
"Jesus! Were you in a major motorway pile up?"
"No, mate. Over indulged in the Absinthe last night and ended up with Absinthe eyes."
"Oh yes."
by Jim Beans December 10, 2007
A now bankrupt company that used to recruit teachers to deliver TEFL courses in Japan. The pay was barely breadline in cities with massive living costs and to teach privately in order to eat was against company policy and punishable with the sack. In its final days Nova Group failed to pay the accommodation and the wages of its employees thus breaking the contractual terms by which it was bound and creating an immediate eviction scenario for many teachers.
"You coming down the sushi bar tonight and maybe a kareoke bar later on?"
"Sorry, mate. I'm going to spend the night turning the futons over in a bid to find lost coins. I work for Nova Group, remember?"
"Oh of course. The landlord pushed your eviction notice through the letter box earlier."
by Jim Beans December 10, 2007