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A three-part book series where twenty-four children are trapped in a hostile arena-like outdoor setting for the entertainment of fancy rich people in a place called the Capitol. Oh, and, while in that arena you are supposed to kill in the most brutal of ways and the last murderer standing wins.(: Ages ranging from twelve to eighteen, they are drawn by lottery to come to the Capitol - to be paraded around and pampered - then are sent to the place where twenty-three kids will die, and one will win for that year.

I don't know what's more disturbing about these books. #1.) The fact the author wrote about children killing children. #2.) They are all pampered and adored and then are shipped away to be slaughtered by one another. #3.) This is for the YA (young adult) reading range. #4.) How popular they are and how they glamorize murder.
Hunger Games Fan: I am soooo smart b/c i LOVE the Hunger Games!!!!!11

Normal Person: How could you love a book so much that basically promotes murder and involves kids killing other kids?

Hunger Games Fan: whtevr!!! You just don't understand theyre AMAZING!!!!!!!! so amazing they're for young ppl like me;p

Katniss Everdeen on Katniss Everdeen's Winning the Hunger Games TWICE: I shouldn't be alive, I shouldn't be alive. But, shit, am I glad I am!

Katniss on Being a Mockingjay and a Girl on Fire: It's hard at times. But, you know, as the symbol of only a book-long's rebellion - I gotta be strong and look tough, even though I barely did squat in the arena.

Peeta Mellark on Katniss Everdeen: I love her. I once had a crush on her, but now I'm sure I love her. What some bread? No? A cake it is, then.

Gale Hawthorne on Katniss Everdeen: She's f*cking awesome! She's going to kick some Tribute ASS! *after Games* I'm so disappointed!
by JillValentine_RE5 September 30, 2011

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