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3 definitions by Jiggerbat

A midwest term referring to a splinter.
Michelle: "Do you know what a sliver is?"
Katherine: "Do you mean a piece of cake?"
Michelle: "No, silly goose! Its a small splinter!"
Katherine: "Oh. Okay, can we can we go get cake now?"
by Jiggerbat April 23, 2009
24 6
A sudden spike in energy after suffering from cabin fever in the dead of winter, which is spent by sprinting, jumping, and playing intensely.
My dog, Bingo, will throw a nutty after spending too much time indoors by sprinting from room to room in a circular manner and jumping on furniture.
by Jiggerbat April 23, 2009
1 0
A silly term made up by silly college students referring to the offspring of a Katana cellular device and a Samsung cellular device. Originating from "acrobat" and "jigger." Now a happy Blackberry and Rant.
"You're phone dances, it jiggles."
"You're phone is acrobatic."
"Their kid would be called jiggerbat!"
by Jiggerbat April 23, 2009
2 3