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The complete collection of places online where you can buy stuff.
Why haul yourself downtown and deal with the parking hassles? It's much easier to shop in the buyosphere!
by Jiffer April 09, 2011
Any place -- town, neighborhood, company, department, or corner occupied by a few people -- which is boring, unpleasant, or both.
That neighborhood is safe, but it's a charm-free zone.

Nobody on the fourth floor of that dorm has any sense of humor; it's a charm-free zone.

When you get to the party, stay away from the corner nearest the fire place; it's a charm-free zone.
by Jiffer April 09, 2011
The part of the bloggosphere dedicated to flogging anyone or anything.
If that story gets into the flogisphere, we'd better dump all our company stock.
by Jiffer April 09, 2011
Extremely long, boring meeting.
Staff meetings are supposed to last one hour and stick to an agenda, but the manager lets certain people go off on tangents, and we end up stuck there for an hour and a half. That's why we call them "bore-athons."
by Jiffer May 09, 2011
Moody Bitch with Attitude or Moody Bastard with Attitude, especially one who thinks she or he is superior for having an MBA degree.
Have you met the new boss? She's an MBA.
by Jiffer April 09, 2011

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