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A series of words that profusely perspire a heave of swag when recited. Usually after a statement that refers to you.
(Dude talking to a group): You heard Homie knocked boots with Jalba?

(Homie): It Wuh Me
by Jibinit April 16, 2011
A word that can replace any verb and you will still know exactly what the person is saying. Can be used as Jibbed, Jibbing, and of course Jib.
Man: Dude what the Jib are you doing? Did you seriously Jib your sister for 2 years in High School for practice?

Other man: Yea, it wuh me, I'm a sister jibber. I wanted to jib everyone but I was too embarassed.
by Jibinit April 16, 2011
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