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1) Cockney reference for snorting cocaine
2) The act of being punched in the throat
3) A great song by The Libertines
4) A great album by The Libertines
1) "All his money goes right up the bracket"
2) "Punched him! Up the bracket"
3) "That song 'Up the Bracket' kicks arse!"
4) "That album 'Up the Bracket' kicks arse!"
#cockney #libertine #libertines #drugs #cocaine
by JiMbOmUrPhY April 10, 2006
1. expression used to define someone under the influence of prescription painkillers.

2. can also describe a person using heroin.
"john's really fucked up!"
"yeah, he's on the nod"
#wasted #vicodin #painkillers #oxycontin #percocet
by JiMbOmUrPhY May 07, 2006
the act of either breaking or sneaking into a foreign garage, hoping to gain something of value. most commonly alcohol.
"we need some beer but we're broke"
"no problem. let's go to the johnson's and do some garage shopping"
#looting #stealing #piracy #breaking an entry #shopping
by JiMbOmUrPhY April 10, 2006
a liar, asshole, cunt...basically wombat can be used as a replacement for any derogatory term in the english language.
"you fucked my sister, stole my drugs, and wrecked my car...you're a fucking wombat!"
#marsupial #asshole #liar #cunt #mammals
by JiMbOmUrPhY April 10, 2006
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