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The act of wiping excess sweat off your balls so you don't feel so nasty that you are losing swag points
Jeremy-"Man you are really off your game today!"

Andrew-"I know man, my balls are sweaty and they are sticking to my thighs!"

Jeremy-"Dude, just hit the bathroom and wrap paper towel on your hand and do the SWAG SWIPE!"
by Jgutta319 April 25, 2010
When you notice that you were on facebook 24-36 hours ago and no one has updated their status.
"What is going on here?" "I was on facebook like 2 days ago and the same status updates are on here even after I click the new feeds button!" "Everyone must be on a Facebook Vacation."
by Jgutta319 April 29, 2010
Hillbillies that have enough money to move out of the trailer park and into the suburbs but still have in their yards 15 cars that don't work, a bath tub with a transmission in it, and a stack of mattresses 6 ft tall with kids playing on them.
"Why the hell do they have all that junk in the front yard. Are they having a yard sale?"

"No, of course not. That's the stuff Billy Bob Joe is working on. They are suburbanized hillbillies"
by Jgutta319 May 17, 2010
Buying a trailer from a retail shop, using it to move the stuff you need, then returning it for a full refund.
"Hey man, returns just called and said a guy returned a trailer. Sounds like he just "rented" it."

"Man, we just got uhauled!"
by Jgutta319 March 29, 2010
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