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A commonly used word at SMU, often used to refer to a situation or person being "Sketch." The word can be used as "sketch," "sketchily," "sketchmiester," also interchangable with shiesty If you see someone being sketch at a party call them on it. Girls if a guy offers to buy you a drink and he's "sketch" watch him like a hawk bc he may slip a rufie in your drink.
Lee is sketchily touchy dani on her ass.
Lee is so sketch that no one wants to be alone with him.
He is SO sketchy that Robyn locks her door at night.
by Jgo September 08, 2005
When you and another person you're chatting with send the same emoticon at the same time.
Me and Gala are in total emotisync with our matching smileys on IM.
by JGo March 27, 2014

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