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Similar to retox, shetox is the attempted process of reversing the effect of being around females.

It is rumoured that Einstein once theorised that as a corollary to his theory of relativity, the affect of being around females too often is relative to the individual's usual level of exposure, as highlighted below.

Shetox is the antomym of hetox.
Dude, you just got out of the army. It's far too soon to shetox.

Abraham, you're really starting to wax my bonnet with your talk about love and life. I think it's time you shetox.
by Jezztor August 26, 2009
Retox, commonly mistaken as the truncation of "retoxification", is simply put, the process of detoxing the effect of being around retards.

In the same manner that harmful substances such as alcohol and transfatty acids in fast foods can cause health degradation (including cellular damage), the presence of people with inferior mental, emotional or moral intelligence can cause similar destruction.
They say prevention is better than cure, but since I can't get out of Johannesburg any time soon, so I'm going to have to retox.
by Jezztor August 26, 2009

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