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Fear of an empty beer glass
When your beer glass is empty and you get scared, its happened to all of us!
by Jezza September 22, 2004
A symptom that comes from sticking too much cocaine up your nose rsulting in a sniffle.
I think i have a touch of Columbian Flu
by Jezza March 31, 2005
Another phrase for giving head or a blowjob.
She smokes my brothers pink cigar often.
by jezza December 20, 2004
English slang for spunk, and any idiot knows this, well anyone who actually is English
She had a load of Harry Monk on her Boat
by Jezza March 31, 2005
Basically a semi-greb. Someone who is neither here nor there. Half way between a greb and a chav.
Nah she aint a greb, she's a greblin.
by jezza December 20, 2004
Breasts, sexual slang
She had a sensational set of flab dabs.
by jezza May 31, 2004
Term similar to "idiot" but it sounds better. Labelled to someone who does something stupid.
"You're such a desmund"
by Jezza June 05, 2003

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