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The best brand of cigarettes ever! They are a regular cigarette but have a ball inside them that you can crush to make a menthol cigarette if you want.
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
A place that the government forces you to go to to learn. It is usually very boring and hard and they give you dumb assignments to work on outside of school. If you ditch school you get in trouble.
A good way to remember how to spell it is "School is not cool so it does not have the word cool in it, it is SCHOOL NOT SHCOOL!"
Kid: EWW I have to go to school tomorrow at 7am!
Another kid: Just ditch with me!
Kid: Nah I can't, I have a math test dude!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
Injecting into skin, not into veins or muscles or anything. It is not the best way because some drugs get lost in your tissues so the effect is not as strong, and you're more likely to get absesses this way.
Yeah, his veins are all collapsed now so he's been skin popping the heroin.
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
A lame program where a cop comes in to a classroom to talk to 5th graders and tell them they shouldn't do drugs. The cop lies and exxagerates about everything and says if they ever smoke a cigarette their lungs will turn black and they will get cancer and die.
After a few weeks there is a "graduation" ceremony where kids stand on a stage wearing DARE shirts.
It is dumb.
6th grade girl: Hey, want to shoot some heroin?!
Other 6th grader: No, remember DARE last year?! We will get arrested for life and get AIDS and overdose and Die! Like any drug! Wait, wat is heroin?
6th grade girl: hahah that cop is such a liar, I smoked marijuana and nothing bad happened to me. and i heard heroin is funner!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
Harm reduction organization focused around club drugs, mainly ecstasy.
You can mail in ecstasy pills and they will lab test them for you, and post the picture and what's in them on their website so you know wtf you're ingesting.
Person 1: I love dancesafe!
Person 2: Yeah, dude! I found out that E pill I was gonna take had hella ketamine in it! I'm glad I tested it!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
Another retarded abstinence only drug program where a couple of goody-goody highschoolers who have no idea what the fuck they're talking about and have never done drugs go into 8th grade classrooms and tell the kids not to do drugs because they are all bad and drugs will kill them.
8th grader: Ew, our youth educators are coming today.
Another 8th grader: I know, ughhh. Let's ditch and snort cocaine!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
A school you live at. A lot of times you get sent there when you're bad, or when you're parents are hella rich.
Aww Brian got sent off to boarding school after his parents caught him selling drugs!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009

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