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Totally awesome. "Dope Shit"
Dude, that '69 Caddy is shope!
by Jew-Unit October 14, 2003
The act of exterminating an entire race/ethnicity/culture in which mass murder is commited solely by the use of high speed modes of transportation, namely cars/trucks.
"I'm going to commit vehicular genocide."
#vehicular manslaughter #mass murder #hobbies #geneva violations #a good old time
by jew-unit June 19, 2006
A form of debate where the debaters talk fast to the point where they can't be understood. If you want a real type of debate check out Lincoln Douglas debate more often known as LD debate
no one can understand what the hell that policy debater is saying
#bad debate #debate that no one in their right mind likes #antonyms good debate #related words: ld debate #public forum debate
by Jew-unit December 11, 2005
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