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shope can mean anything.
I think i'll go shope someone.

That person looks like a shope.

That shope is gross.

Shope shope shope shope. Shope shope. Shope shope shope.
by Shoper December 08, 2009
Verb. To manipulate a photograph, especially using Photoshop. The term is derived from the frequently seen adjective "Shoped!", appearing on image discussion forums such as 4chan showing such images as giant sharks about to devour helicopters and the like.
(image: cat photograph in googlearth appearing to possess forelegs only)

Response; "Shoped!!"
by Forsythe Blythe-Smythe January 31, 2014
A person who may have liked at some point, but now you find disgusting. It can also be used for people you've NEVER liked and ALWAYS found repulsive. It's to be used in the same way you'd use the word "Bitch" or "Asshole", however you should be aware of the extreme weight this powerful word may carry. Be careful with the way you use it. Simply point your finger at them (if you're feeling especially saucy and bold, place your hand on your hip), and BELT IT. SHOPE. And walk away. They'll know what's up. It'll hurt more than a boosin's talons to the face.
I thought he was cute and I was even pretty in to him, but then I found him outside smoking. SHOPE.
by killianp May 02, 2011
Slang for microphone. Comes from the common misspelling "microshope".
Dude, I think your shope is unplugged. I can't hear u!
by fractal_lover May 16, 2011
A device that one blows smoke into to prevent a room from smelling like marijuana. Made by stuffing a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets.
After she took a hit, she blew the smoke through the shope to avoid the smell of pot lingering in her room.
by JerichoM February 05, 2007
The singular of "sheep".
Aksel had a fuzzy shope / Fuzzy shope / Fuzzy shope / Aksel had a fuzzy shope / That Shanie liked to bite
by Fubar O. March 19, 2003
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