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2 definitions by JevonAJ

Puzzing is the ultimate form of motivation and excitement which can be exceeded when you reach optimal level of arousal. It is a combination of 'pumped and 'buzzing'. 'Puzzing is usually used to describe your excitement before a big night out on the town or for general use of extreme excitement. Puzzing cannot be used to describe a small form of excitement as if you havent exceeded your optimal arousal you will only be 'buzzing' or 'pumped'.
I am absolutely puzzing for tonight!
by JevonAJ April 25, 2011
This type of banter is of the highest variety and cannot be sustained for a long period of time due to the intensity and focus needed to perform it.
Lets go to the beach for some TNB

Last night there was some TNB
by JevonAJ April 25, 2011