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1. A large ground rodent that lives in mountainous areas and resembles a beaver. Synonymous with mountain beaver.
2. A slang term to describe the vagina of a woman that lives in the mountains.
3. An extremely and unnecessarily hairy vagina.
While descending Yamnuska, Scott and Eric were puzzled at the sight of a strange animal. They later learned it was a marmot.

"Hey man, look over there, you can totally see that girl's beaver!"
"That's a marmot you idiot. We're in Canmore."

Chase met a girl while hiking the West Coast Trial, but quickly back peddled after he got a look at her marmot.
by JettSkyler June 20, 2011
When a woman's belly sticks out further than her boobies do.
There are 4 types of Boobie-doo Disease.
- Pregnitis: A fully acceptable and temporary form caused by being pregnant.
- Indentitis: Acceptable, but disappointing. This is the result of extreme lack of boobies, also know as being flat.
- Ponchitis: The ponch creates a belly that is much too flabby. Cures are possible through diet and exercise.
- Guntitis: More common in older females. The mystery that is the gunt, which is partly made up of belly, protrudes a distance greater than the boobies.
Hey man, why won't you go on a date with Sarah?
Dude, she's caught a bad case of Boobie-doo Disease.
Yeah man, serious case of Ponchitis!

Hey Trevor, I noticed your girl's showing early signs of Boobie-doo Disease, you gonna step in and say something?
No worries, bro. It's just a case of Pregnitis!
For real? Congrats buddy!
by JettSkyler June 28, 2010

1. a midday or afternoon poo, a close cousin to the siesta.
2. a poo party, very similar to a fiesta but with a strong focus on poo, can be used synonymously with group poop in certain instances.
Danny gets upset when he misses his pooesta.

Thalia was late for class because of her pooesta.

Travis and his 4 groomsmen entered the Vegas casino washroom to find 5 stalls - a perfect match for a pooesta!
by JettSkyler May 02, 2011
1. When a female with big tits looks at a male in a way that tells him she knows how to TF and is not only down with it, but strongly encourages it and even lusts for it. This is often a mating technique used by females whose only major asset is their breasts and are usually, but not always, slightly over weight.

2. When a male is completely and utterly blinded by the size of a woman's breasts that he will hook up with her no matter what state the rest of her is in. His mind is overtaken by the thought of a TF and will stop at almost nothing to get it.
Chaz was just about to leave Aurora when some girl grabbed his arm and gave him the eye of the TF.

Chaz bumped into a girl in the bar, spilling beer all over her breasts. As she sopped up the mess with a nearby napkin, she glanced up at Chaz as he apologized, giving him a most irresitable Eye of the TF.

"What's up with Trevor?" asked Chaz, "That girl has huge bombs but doesn't he know she is an absolute swap donkey?"
"Don't think he has a clue," replied Jeb, "Worst Eye of the TF I've ever seen!"
by JettSkyler February 16, 2012
Pants that are worn so often, and are so comfortable, that they've been sweat in, shat in, and have soaked up swass on multiple occasions.

Could also be described as sweat pants on steroids.
Scott: Dude, you just spilled your nachos and beer ALL over your pants!
James: No worries bro, these are my shwat pants, they've seen a lot worse!
by JettSkyler April 15, 2011
The pleasant warmth one feels emanating from a vagina.
Shad was positive he could feel The Heat while grinding with some random on the dance floor.

A complete stranger offered to hoist Minnie up on his shoulders at Coachella so she could see. She thankfully accepted, despite knowing her skirt would do nothing to protect his neck from The Heat.
by JettSkyler June 19, 2012
An early-afternoon poo, a close cousin to the siesta.
Danny gets upset when he misses his pooesta.

Thalia was late for class because of her pooesta.
by JettSkyler April 11, 2011

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