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Russian for commrade.
Uri is my trusted tovarich.

by Jetlxix January 14, 2007
Grandview Heights, OH. A semi-affluent suburb located 2 miles nearly due west of Columbus. HS mascot is the bobcat. Home of Staufs coffee, Spagio, "DK" Diner ~ worlds best yeast raised donuts (DK is short for Donut Kitchen). The shops on Grandview Ave. are often patroned by pretentious fucks from other suburbs who come to the GVH for the warm atmosphere that their newly developed consumer based communities lack. Mostly white, middle-class the community has driven drug and prostitution crime into the heart of the populice on the Upper Arlington ~ GVH boarder by closing the Knights Inn on the southern edge of town and forcing pimps & ho's northward. The BP on Goodale is losing their ass on Boones Farm sales but the Speedway on 5th is gaining new profits on Steel Reserve and blunt/rolling paper sales, all within cat-swinging distance of the GVH high school grounds.
After damn near getting blindsided by some Polaris livin' Escalade drivin' 'tard, I stopped by the Speedway to get a digital prostate massage from some crack ho. That's how we roll in the GVH.

Yo, GVH, represent
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007
A term of USAF origination used to describe the injury caused by a heavy steel grate at the top of the crew entry door ladder which gives access to the cockpit of military KC-135 aircraft. The grate serves as part of the cockpit floor when in the horizontal position and prevents falls through the crew entry door opening while the aircraft is on the ground. Crew members gain access to the aircraft by climbing a removable ladder about 15 feet and pushing the grate, which is hinged, vertical to a point where it is secured in the vertical position by a spring tension hook. When the spring has become weakened or a crew member is careless about ensuring that the grate is locked into position, the grate can fall back to the horizontal position... usually onto the head of the crew member who is attempting to advance into the aircraft. The "gridiron" construction of the grate produce wonderful waffle-like welts and/or lacerations on the head of the victim.
A1C Bolen: TSGT Calhoon got a mean wafflehead last night, found her passed-out by the nose gear, looks like she fell all the way down the crew entry chute.

SrA Riggs: Hope she's alright, I was hoping to get drunk enough to fuck her again this weekend.

A1C Bolen: Why get drunk? Give yourself a waffle head and you'd be ready to fuck the whole squadron.

SrA Riggs: (chuckle), Word...
by Jetlxix January 15, 2007
An irritating factor that will soon become the last straw.
The Canadian is really workin my dick nerve today.

Freddy is on my last dick nerve.
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007
A libation such as when wine was spilt on a grave in ancient times to honor the departed.

Modern tip out libations involve spilling a portion of beverage onto the ground, floor, street etc. The beverage is usually of a malt variety commonly distributed in 40 ounce glass containers. This is done to acknowledge dead friends, relatives, or fellow gang members who usually met their demise in a violent manner.
Premise: Vlad and Skee are members of a Polish street gang called Dummazzez. Vlad has just returned from a beer run...

Skee: St. Ides! Pass the Sunny-D so I can get my brass monkey on. (Skee begins to chug his 40)

Vlad: Not cool tovarich, are you so dumb that you forget commrad Moosnsquirrel already? The Crazy Macedonians snapped his neck. We must perform tip out to honor him. (Both spill a bit of Ide's)

Vlad: OK, now we get hammered.

Skee: Yes tovarich, very tragic the Macedonians bet Mooz that he couldn't kiss his own ass.
by Jetlxix January 14, 2007
From the hypothetical sound that it would make if it was able to be heard... FOOT FOOt FOot Foot foot... ugh,ahh... foot...

1. Male ejaculation

2. Nocturnal emission
1. I pulled out just in time to deposit a glorious foot-foot on her belly.

2. I dreamt about Jill last night and by the state of my sheets, I must have had a foot-foot.
by Jetlxix January 24, 2007
Used by Macedonian Orthodox to describe assets other than obvious artifacts within their culture, i.e. "cash money" is what is locked in the safe and not kept in the open.
He stole some vodka, got drunk, and when he couldn't find the cash money he lit the church on fire to cover his trail.
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007

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