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5 definitions by JetLi

badass mofo, who gonna dominate your mother.
yo yo yo nilka, JetLi gonna cut yo ass if you don't recaniezee.
by JetLi April 11, 2003
14 9
if you say, or write this, you are the biggest homo pos ever...
tee hee hee, it's so cute when i write iou4uraqt
by JetLi August 27, 2003
0 3
A reverse "big grin"
Hahaha, gg, though i kicked your ass. Maybe you'll come close to damaging me next time D= gfy.
by JetLi April 14, 2003
15 34
not as bad as "lolx". a few sg bastards say this... probably because x can be pronounced like z... i'd like to kick every fucking one of them.
kekeke tat funni lolz/x, liao *choke and die*
by JetLi April 14, 2003
13 42
Phr34k1n9 phsychotic pos!!!
Wtf... Rigo just got pwnd by a duck, then said "fy" 6 times in 1 conversations... WAAOOOWWWWW!
by JetLi April 17, 2003
40 145