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adj. - Something of or relating to the act of pure and handsome awesomeness, stemming only from being similar to, or exactly like, Niklas.
Did you see that god walking down Rodeo Drive? He was Niklastastic!
by JetCruiser July 09, 2010
slang -

A term commonly used by those tied to the luxury cruise industry, expressing a desire to follow their compass and conquer the ocean seas with wanderlust and enthusiasm.
As the Captain of the ship pulled away from the port, he exclaimed to his crew, "Let's Seas the Day!"
by JetCruiser July 19, 2010
- n. -

Of or pertaining to a Sybarite in the nautical sense; one who is sybaritic in their ocean travel accommodations.

2. A Niklas (see definition).
3. Someone who enjoys living in the lap of eternal luxury while sailing the seven seas. A high-maintenance cruise traveler.
That woman is a sybariticist. She travels only on the most luxurious cruise lines to get from one country to another!
by JetCruiser July 19, 2010
Cheerific - adj. Something so extraordinary, wonderful or intense that it results in an excited and untamed release of energy manifested in the form of verbal cacophony, (i.e. cheering or hollering).
The release of the Vampire Chronicles saga resulted in a cheerific nationwide celebration among its avid followers.
by JetCruiser July 08, 2010

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