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1. stands for "Am I Wrong or Right" referring to www.amiwrongorright.com. It is a website where you post an opinion and people will vote on it whether your right or wrong and you can also reply to a poll. Unfortuneately, it has become a place where people bicker back and forth about nothing.
AIWOR is an awesome website, but it can get annoying after a while. (It is extremely, extremely addictive).
#web #internet #website #opinion #voting
by Jesus Hong July 14, 2006
1. n - World War III is the name that will refer to a future war that will involve the whole war. World War III is a war that should not happen, as it will probably result in the destruction of the entire planet.
World War III will be the apocalypse.
#wwi #wwii #nuke #middle east #muslim
by Jesus Hong July 29, 2006
1. n - the act or instance of transforming oneself into a heterosexual.
2. n - a usually religious act in which a gay man/woman is made straight. It usually fails.
Does ungayment really work? Probably not.
#ungay #gay #lesbian #christian #straight
by Jesus Hong September 23, 2006
1. n - someone whose ass is so tight that you could not remove a sewing needle from it from with a pair of pliers.
2. n - in other words, a tightass.
That soccer mom is such a needlebutt.
#tightass #soccer mom #needle #butt #ass
by Jesus Hong August 24, 2006
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