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A very real and dangerous group, seeing to destroy the very fiber that holds together the United States of America. When you see a member of the TPDS, you should do what the rest of us do: run.
Hey, Horatio, did you hear that the Tea Party Death Squad brutally murdered 14 komodo dragons?
by Jesus Christ $uperstar April 20, 2011
Any video game controller that isn't a part of that system's brand controllers. If someone owns 4 controllers for a video game system, statistics show that at least one of these controllers is a Mad Catz, because they're much cheaper than the actual brand controllers. All Mad Catz for every generation of controller includes a turbo button, which royally fucks you over if you ever touch it.

NOTE: Despite the company that the "makeshift" controller comes from, it is still referred to as a Mad Catz controller.
John: "Yo, you wanna play some 4 player Hello Kitty Island Adventure with us?"

Xavier: "Ya, as long as I don't have to use the Mad Catz though."
by Jesus Christ $uperstar October 11, 2010
When a minor character in a film or tv series with little screen time becomes one of the most beloved characters in the show/movie. Its name originates from the character Boba Fett from Star Wars who, despite having little screen time, very few lines and a disappointingly lame death in the original trilogy, gained a cult following and is by far one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe.
Brunhilda: "Daryl is my favorite character in the Walking Dead! So bad ass"

Frankie: "lol...Boba Fett Syndrome..."
by Jesus Christ $uperstar March 29, 2012
Noun- someone that completely lacks knowledge and looks foolish because so
"Jesus Christ. You're such a briefcase Mike; Robert Frost wasn't just stopping by woods on a snowy evening."
by Jesus Christ $uperstar October 11, 2009
Words or phrases used by management or other dick-sucking bureaucrats at a business that have no innate meaning and will leave you confused as to what the hell they're trying to say.

Examples include: synergy, intelligence, integrated, streamlined, core competencies, skin in the game, etc.

Businesses with shitty or unimaginative names usually have some sort of combination of these terms like "Syntelligence" or "Tech-Synergy"
Manager: "It seems to me that by breaking down the silos, we can better leverage our respective core competencies and ensure that we win in this space. Without cross-channel implementation of new paradigms, we won't have a chair at the adults' table."

Quinton: "fuck you and your corpspeak"
by Jesus Christ $uperstar June 25, 2015

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